Birch Plywood Kitchen With black inset doors Ilkley

Sustainably made birch plywood kitchens designed and created

Birch Plywood Kitchen Ilkley

Handmade face frame kitchen designed by The Autumn Kitchen

 Birch plywood kitchen in Ilkley, Designed and created to be unique

to our Customers.

This is a project in Addingham near Ilkley of a stunning Birch Plywood Kitchen we have recently finished for our stylish customers Rosie and Ed. After our initial meeting and a good measure up, rosie had found us on Instagram and been following us for a little while, After seeing some of our other birch Plywood work she loved the idea of having the kitchen made and we set of with the design process.

This Is a full inset door Birch plywood kitchen build, Meaning the doors sit within the cabinets and we use the edge of the birch to frame the doors. All the corners have been mitred to allow for an infinity loop on the front of the cabinet. With the drawers we keep the doors as slabs and rout the handles into the birch plywood cabinets so you see the detail on the curves of the handles. All integrated appliances are also housed to give the appearance of being inset as well. The door are made with Black Valchromat, a solid coloured sheet throughout that is made from forestry waste formed with organic resin and and organic dye. the J grove handles are routed directly in to the doors so no handles are protruding for a flush finish to the run of cabinets. These are finished with a satin waterproof oil and buffed.

As with all our kitchens all hinges and dryer runners and soft close for a smooth feel when in use and are easily adjustable in time as things move. the cutlery drawer is set out to match in birch ply wood with a knife holder and birch ply compartments. The worktop is a solid white quarts with a breakfast bar peninsular and inset sink.

If you are interested in a measure up for a Birch plywood kitchen then drop us a message on our contacts page and we can arrange a visit you your home for a measure up and 3d drawings to see your new kitchen