Birch Plywood Rainbow Kitchen

All the colours of the rainbow, lovingly created into a handmade kitchen, at the heart of a home.

Birch Plywood Rainbow Kitchen

Handmade face frame kitchen designed by The Autumn Kitchen

Handmade Birch plywood kitchen with all the colours of the rainbow,

a one-off project for our creative customer, Samantha.


Have you ever made a rainbow kitchen before Tom? Well no, but I am totally up for the challenge! I think that’s how the conversation started.

Our customer Sam had been looking at replacing her kitchen that was at the end of its life, with a new creation. After visiting a few places and not finding the idea that she really wanted, we were introduced by a mutual friend. At The Autumn Kitchen we are always up for a challenge and never want to be pigeon-holed in to making ideas someone else has already done. I didn’t really get the full extent of all the colours at first. I thought maybe four or five, well I was very much wrong! Thirteen colours later we had the plans for our birch plywood rainbow kitchen and everything was ready to go.

After numerous meetings between me, Rob and Sam we decided to use the Little Greene Paint Company colour palette for the theme. They have a very vibrant colour scheme which works well with one another. After a lot of head scratching on the final decision, the plan was set and the doors were to run in the colour of the rainbow.

All the cabinetry is baltic birch plywood with inset doors. This means you see the edge of the cabinets as a display part of the kitchen theme. The decor ends are the sides of the cabinets and the whole kitchen is made to look like its floating on plinths. We used the birch to finish under the peninsular to keep a light wood look when you are looking from the living room. All the birch is finished With ism oil sating finish for a lasting finish.  A set of larder cabinet were added on later in the build that turned in to the wall of colour referencing the rest of the kitchen. this was then to house all the appliances with shelving above. Samantha has done a very impressive job of dressing the kitchen with colours that influenced the build. especially above the larders. For a build point of view it has been awesome to see her idea come to life and how se could see what she wanted.

All the cupboards are made unique to house kitchenware, to make the kitchen practical for the future, this includes drawers with spice racks and cutlery dividers. The upper cupboards have wine glass hangers for red and white wine. The worktops are 30mm white quarts that very much compliments the kitchen with a really clean and sleek look.

It has been an absolute pleasure making Sam’s kitchen come to life and her having the trust in us to make it happen is really rewarding. Here is to a bright and happy life in your new kitchen Sam!


Customer testimonial

We had the most brilliant experience from start to finish having our gorgeous, bespoke kitchen designed and fitted by Tom and his lovely band of merry men! From the get go we were confident it would all work out beautifully and had every confidence in Tom and the design process. We had a great rapport with Tom, Paul, Baz and Rob and it was always a pleasure to spend time with them and have them in our home. We had wanted a birch ply kitchen for a long time but also wanted it to be REALLY colourful and couldn’t figure out how to make it all happen until a mutual friend pointed us in Tom’s direction. Nothing was too much trouble, even when I turned up at the workshop with all sorts of kitchen paraphernalia (wine glasses, oil bottles, Tupperware, you name it!) to have all my cupboards and drawers designed to my exact specifications.

Although we were very clear on what we wanted to achieve Tom is very creative and had so many great ideas for how to bring it all together perfectly. We’ve ended up with a completely unique and stunning kitchen made to our EXACT specifications that is going to last us forever. The quality and workmanship is superb. It was also really important to us to support a local business and to be as environmentally friendly as possible (in terms of materials used and where they were sourced from).

A pantry and laundry are next on our renovation list and we will definitely be involving Tom in it all again. And a wardrobe for our daughter’s bedroom… and anything else we can think of!